Lightweight High Load Capacity Outrigger Crane Pads, SafetyTech®


Lightweight High Load Capacity Outrigger Crane Pads, SafetyTech

Outrigger crane pads from Checkers are made from high-quality polyethylene that will not crack or splinter. These pads are easy to install and offer a safe working environment for heavy equipment with outrigger arms. These pads feature a durable design that is chemical and oil resistant. Outrigger pads from Checkers are impermeable to water which makes them ideal for all weather conditions.

Their hard-wearing structure makes them virtually unbreakable under normative working conditions. These bucket truck outrigger pads are easy to clean and store when not in use. The unique design of our crane outriggers allows each pad to adapt to the working surface and return to its original shape once the work is complete.