Parts & Accessories for Ground Yard Protection Mats


Parts & Accessories for Ground Yard Protection Mats

Ground protection solutions from Checkers can be used to provide vehicles and heavy equipment with a stable platform to cross over sensitive terrain. Not only does ground protection matting offer vehicles a reliable temporary roadway, but it protects lawns and sensitive agricultural areas from damage as well.

Ground protection accessories extend our range of ground protection mats, which create temporary roadways and working platforms for heavy vehicles. Checkers’ ground protection mats protect and stabilize soil, lawns, and other surfaces. They provide safe access for vehicle traffic while limiting damage to yards, agricultural land, construction sites, and sensitive ecosystems. In addition to protecting the ground, they provide enhanced access for heavy equipment in muddy, sandy, and otherwise challenging terrain.

Our ground protection mats for heavy equipment are part of a modular system formed from easily stored, transported, and installed components. These parts and accessories combine individual ground and lawn protection mats into robust pathways and stable platforms. They include galvanized steel round and flat A-links, E-Z links, and four-corner connectors compatible with our wide selection of ground mats.

By linking together mats with mat links, ground protection matting will provide a continuous run of reliable platforms for users.