3 & 5-Channel Medum-duty Grip Guard® Cable Protectors

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3 & 5-Channel Medium-duty Grip Guard Cable Protectors

Grip Guard Cable Protectors are lightweight medium-duty cable covers available in 5-channel and 3-channel varieties. Each channel accommodates cables and hoses up to 1.25 inches in outside diameter. Engineered for easy handling with a new lightweight design, these cable protectors are up to 75% lighter than alternatives with similar strength and durability.

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Grip Guard cable protectors feature a reinforced hinged lid, a recessed carrying handle, and the ergonomically designed Gripper Connector, which locks multiple cable protectors together, providing safe, robust, and durable cable protection for environments with light vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

These versatile cable protectors are constructed from maintenance-free, non-conductive, high-impact resistant polyurethane resistant to oils, fuels, and lubricants. Grip Guard cable guards are the ideal cable-protection solution for a wide range of light commercial, entertainment, and utility applications.