Yellow/Red/Blue Firefly® illuminated 5-channel cable protector

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Yellow/Red/Blue Firefly Illuminated 5-channel Cable Protector

Firefly cable covers are brightly colored and illuminated medium-duty cable protectors ideal for low-visibility environments. Each 5-channel cable protector unit features a colorful hinged lid and a row of LED lights built into the cable cover ramp. The LED lights, available in blue and red, are operated with a push-button and powered by replaceable AA batteries.

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Firefly cable protectors are medium-duty cable covers with a 10,500 pounds tire load capacity and 21,000 pounds axle load capacity. Each of the five channels accepts cables of up to 1.15 inches in diameter. The cable protector units are fitted with Dog Bone connectors for easy installation and integration with the Guard Dog and Yellow Jacket cable protection systems and cable cover accessories.

Constructed in all-weather polyurethane, these versatile medium-duty cable protectors are manufactured with a range of colorful visibility-enhancing lids, with color options that include green, blue, orange, and yellow.