Light-Duty Cord Covers, Drop Over Fastlane® Cable Protectors


Light-Duty Cord Covers, Drop Over Fastlane Cable Protectors

Fastlane Drop Over Cable Protectors offer a complete cable cover system for indoor and outdoor use. They are fast to set up and break down, ultra-reliable, and incredibly tough. Our light duty cord covers protect cables, cords, and hoses from pedestrian and light vehicle traffic with a maximum load capacity of 1,050 lb/tire or 2,100 lb/axle.

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Cord covers are available in 1-channel and 2-channel varieties. They can protect cables and hoses with outside diameters of up to 1 inch and feature channel widths of 1.5 or 4 inches. Part of a modular system, each protector includes heavy-duty L-connectors, making it easy to build long cable guard runs and to connect cable cover accessories, including corner cable protectors.