Heavy-Duty Yellow Jacket® Cable Ramp Protectors


Heavy-Duty Yellow Jacket Cable Ramp Protectors

ADA/DDA compliant ramps and accessories can be added to existing Yellow Jacket cable protectors to increase utility in a variety of applications. ADA/DDA ramps feature a gradual sloping design that allows carts and wheelchairs to easily navigate over sensitive cables and hoses. The advantage of using ADA ramp accessories is that users are able to put ramps only in areas where they are needed such as pedestrian crossing sections.

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ADA/DDA section kits for Yellow Jackets AMS units are also available. The Yellow Jacket AMS is an innovative cable protection system that incorporates multiple parts to create a modular system that can house an unlimited number of cables and hoses. The ADA kit can be incorporated into the AMS to create a crossing area for wheelchairs, carts, and pedestrians.

Yellow Jacket cable protection accessories are available in a variety of configurations and colors. These accessories can be implemented in conjunction with existing systems and are suitable for use in industrial, commercial, or public environments.